The Best Natural Beta Blockers In 2019

Beta-blockers are a group of medicines that are generally used for the treatment of anxiety, heart problems, and to regulate blood pressure.

Beta-blockers require a doctor’s prescription. These medicines are very powerful and may have some adverse side effects. Some studies have found that inappropriate use of beta-blockers can increase the risk of death, especially among non-cardiac patients.

Natural beta-blockers, on the other hand, are a safer and equally effective alternative.

How Do Beta Blockers Work?

Beta blockers, whether natural or prescription, prevent adrenaline and non-adrenaline hormones from attaching to their receptor sites.

Adrenaline and non-adrenaline are both stress hormones. The non-adrenaline hormone, also known as norepinephrine is already in your bloodstream and helps to regulate blood pressure. On the other hand, your body produces adrenaline when you are under stress.

Beta-blockers regulate the effects of adrenaline and help to relax your heart, leaving you feeling less anxious.

Side Effects Of Prescription Beta Blockers

The problem with prescription beta blockers is that they can worsen anxiety and produce a host of adverse side effects.

In particular, conventional beta blockers can cause seizures, depression, and compound suicidal thoughts in a person suffering from anxiety.

These medicines may also cause fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, and shortness of breath, all of which can worsen anxiety.

Some studies have shown that prescription drugs for anxiety can change brain chemistry, which can worsen the symptoms of anxiety. Also, these medicines cease to be effective over time.

Can You Get Over The Counter Beta-Blockers?

Many people wonder whether they can get over the counter beta-blockers. Pharmaceutical beta-blockers are strictly prescription medicines; this means that you cannot buy them over the counter.
Natural beta-blockers however, do not need a doctor’s prescription and you can get them online and from health food retailers.

Nonetheless, because beta-blockers slow down the heart rate and act on vital organs of the circulatory and central nervous system, it is highly recommended that you speak to a qualified practitioner before buying over the counter beta-blockers.

As mentioned, if you are wondering how to get beta-blockers you can do so online or via brick and motor retailers.

What Is Propranolol?

For many of us, the first type of beta-blocker we come across is propranolol. This is a pharmaceutical beta-blocker and it is mainly used for the treatment of irregular heartbeats, high blood pressure, anxiety, and tremors.

People who suffer from a heart attack also take propranolol to improve their chances of survival.

Like natural beta-blockers, propranolol works by inhibiting the production of chemicals such as epinephrine, which in turn help to reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

However, like many pharmaceutical medications, propranolol can have side effects such as sleep disruption, stomach ache, nausea, blurred vision, and dizziness.

What is Bisoprolol?

Bisoprolol is another common beta-blocker that works in the same way as propranolol. These medicines work by repressing the body’s response to certain impulses of the nervous system. This causes the heart rate to slow down and enables the heart to pump blood around the body more effectively.

Common side effects of bisoprolol include stomach upset, headache, fatigue, as well as cold feet and hands.

How Long Can You Stay On Beta-Blockers?

How long you can stay on beta-blockers will depend on the recommendation of your doctor or practitioner. It is important that you adhere to the recommended dosage and duration of usage to enjoy the full benefits of beta-blockers.

Stopping to take your beta-blockers as required can be dangerous and can increase your chances of suffering from a heart attack, increased anxiety and hypertension, thyroid storm and sudden cardiac arrest.

Beta Blockers and Exercise

Since prescription beta blockers are slowing down a patient’s heart rate, trying to bring back one’s heart rate to previously recorded exercise levels is therefore not advisable.

A safer way would be to use an exercise stress test by your physician to determine your new target heart rate before going all out on your exercise intensity.

Even easier: simply exercise in a way that doesn’t leave you too exhausted.

What Are Natural Beta-Blockers

Beta-blockers are categorized into pharmaceutical beta-blockers and natural beta-blockers. When we talk about natural beta-blockers, we are referring to an amino acid, vitamin, or herb. These are different from pharmaceutical beta-blockers that typically contain little to no naturally occurring ingredients.

Some medications contain traces of natural beta-blockers while other natural substances work as beta-blockers on their own.

While beta-blockers in general help to block the production of the stress hormone, natural types of beta-blockers go even further and aid in restoring hormone function.
Natural beta-blockers offer amazing results without the adverse side effects associated with pharmaceutical medication.

Advantages Of Natural Beta-Blockers

The advantages of natural beta-blockers are several. First, compared to pharmaceutical beta-blockers, natural types of beta-blockers have fewer and less severe, if any, unwanted side effects.

Prescription beta-blockers can cause fatigue, dry mouth, weakness, headache, and stomach upset. These medicines may cause even more severe symptoms including loss of libido and shortness of breath especially in at-risk people such as African Americans and those with respiratory conditions such as asthma.

These symptoms can predispose you to more stress and anxiety if you are already prone to mood disorders. Like with most prescription drugs, there is a real risk of becoming dependent on pharmaceutical beta-blockers.

Other advantages of natural beta-blockers are that they do not adversely affect the workings of your brain. Instead, they suppress and boost the respective hormones and chemicals to alleviate the symptoms of a wide range of conditions including anxiety, stress, hypertension, palpitations, tremors, and more.

All in all, the advantages of natural beta-blockers outweigh any side effects. According to current scientific studies, natural remedies are not only safer but they are also more effective.

Side Effects of Natural Beta-Blockers

Most natural beta-blockers have been used for millennia to promote relaxation of muscles and nerves. Taken in the right dosage, these remedies have been found to deliver the desired results without causing adverse side effects.

That being said, people react differently to things like herbs, vitamins, and amino acids.

Although rare, natural beta-blockers side effects might include lightheadedness, mild stomach upset, and nausea.
It is recommended that you consult your doctor or practitioner if you are worried about your side effects.

How Natural Beta-Blockers For High Blood Pressure Work

Natural beta-blockers for high blood pressure work by repressing the effects of the hormone epinephrine, commonly known as adrenaline.
Taking natural beta-blockers slows down your heartbeat, which in turn reduces your blood pressure.

Natural beta-blockers are also very helpful in improving blood flow.

Beta-blockers with natural elements are generally very safe for most patients and you do not have to worry about suffering from adverse side effects.

Because disorders such as high blood pressure and anxiety have become so common these days, many people are now opting for natural beta-blockers instead of pharmaceutical medicines for the management of these disorders.

Many users report that natural beta-blockers have helped them to minimize their dependence on prescription medicine. Indeed, natural alternatives are becoming more popular as people learn more about the side effects of pharmaceutical medications.

The Best Natural Beta Blockers for Blood Pressure

Natural beta blockers come in the form of amino acids, herbs, or vitamins. These work to repress the effects of stress hormones and restore normal hormonal balance without any adverse side effects.

While there are several natural beta blockers that deliver excellent results, we will recommend three of the best natural blockers in 2019.

Solaray, (3 Pack) Passion Flower, 350 mg, 100 VegCaps

Passionflower is often a major component of natural beta-blockers for high blood pressure. This herb is also used to treat other conditions including muscle stiffness and pain, insomnia, and anxiety too.

aSquared Nutrition Rhodiola Rosea Supplement 1000mg - 180 Vegan Capsules - Max Strength Rhodiola Root Extract Pills Improve Pure Energy, Brain Function & Stress Relief -Golden Root Herb Powder Tablets

Originating from Scandinavia, Rhodiola Rosea is today widely used in alternative medicine to reduce blood pressure, which in turn improves general well-being and alleviates other symptoms such as fatigue and anxiety.

Natural Beta-blockers for Tachycardia

Tachycardia is a disorder that occurs when the heart beats faster than normal when at rest. Natural beta-blockers for tachycardia work to regulate hormones such as epinephrine, which have an effect on the electric signals that regulate your heartbeat.

Examples of natural beta-blockers for palpitations or tachycardia include:

Hawthorn Standardized Extract - 90 - Capsule

Also known as Crataegus laevigata, traditional healers have used the leaves, flowers, and fruit of the hawthorn tree to treat the symptoms of hypertension.

Hawthorn is packed with diuretic properties, which when combined with beta-blockers, can help to restore the heart’s natural rhythm. In particular, hawthorn contains procyanidins and flavonoids, which act on the enzymes responsible for regulating blood pressure.

Hawthorn has also been found to boost blood circulation. By enlarging the coronary arteries, this herb also allows the sufficient transfer of oxygen to the heart.

Panchaveda Ayurveda Rauwolfia Serpentina Powder (100g / 3.52 oz) Sarpagandha Churna, Indian Snakeroot Powder. Gluten Free, Lactose Free, GMO Free Pure Herbal Dietary Supplement.

Indian snakeroot is yet another herb with beta-blocker properties that helps to treat symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, constipation, hypertension, and insomnia. This woody herb is also used as a natural beta-blocker for tachycardia as it contains active agents such as serpentine and reserpine, which suppress the body’s use of norepinephrine.

Natural Beta-Blockers for Tremors

Essential tremor (ET) affects up to seven million Americans. While mild tremors may not require treatment, tremors that significantly affect your quality of life need may require effective treatment and management.

More and more people are opting for non-pharmaceutical alternatives for managing tremors. Beta-blockers are a popular choice as they help to calm the nerves, therefore reducing the frequency and intensity of tremors.

Natural beta-blockers for tremors have few side effects, if any, and have been found to be effective at alleviating full-blown convulsion and essential tremors.

Examples of natural beta-blockers for tremors include:

Solaray, (3 Pack) Passion Flower, 350 mg, 100 VegCaps

Passionflower is not only ideal for treating symptoms of high blood pressure and anxiety but it is also used as a natural beta-blocker for tremors. This herb is known for its relaxing properties and works by increasing the production of GABA, which serves to calm brain cell activity. Specialists recommend consuming passionflower as an herbal tea for at least three times a day.

Supreme Nutrition Scutellaria Supreme, 90 Pure Chinese Skullcap Vegetarian Capsules

Skullcap is another natural beta-blocker, largely known for its anti-anxiety properties. This herb can help to alleviate the symptoms of essential tremor and convulsion. For best results, brew and drink up to three cups of skullcap herbal tea per day.

Natural Remedies For Anxiety That Can Be Used With Beta-blockers

Anxiety disorder affects up to 25 million people in America. While prescribed treatments are available, natural remedies for anxiety offer long-term solutions and have fewer side effects.

Natural beta-blockers have been found to be very effective in treating the symptoms of anxiety including rapid heartbeat, depression, nervousness, and excessive stress.

Many people who avoid the effects of prescribed anti-depressants look for natural remedies for anxiety that can be taken with beta-blockers.

While beta-blockers can help to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, they can react with other remedies, therefore, it is important to find anxiety remedies that are safe to use when you are on beta-blockers.

Some natural remedies for anxiety that work with beta-blockers are:


Many essential oils contain active ingredients that help with relaxation and easing anxiety. Inhaling oils such as lavender, chamomile, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and others has been found to help in reducing the heart rate, improving sleep problems, and calming the nerves.


Exercises such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can be used alongside beta-blockers to reduce anxiety and manage stress. Numerous studies show that relaxation techniques can be highly effective in alleviating mood and anxiety disorder in the long term.

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas and juices may promote relaxation and boost your mood, helping you to cope with the symptoms of anxiety. However, it is recommended that you speak with your doctor or alternative medicine practitioner before using herbal teas and juices with beta-blockers to avoid potential adverse reactions.


Anxiety affects millions of people and many of those who are affected try to look for treatments that will effectively alleviate the symptoms of anxiety.

Unfortunately, prescription medication such as pharmaceutical beta-blockers can increase or worsen the symptoms of anxiety and result in undesirable side effects.

If you are looking for treatment options to manage your anxiety or just to attain a state of relaxation, consider natural beta-blockers. These do not have harmful side effects but are effective.

We have recommended just three of the best natural beta-blockers in 2019. Try these to see which one works best for you!