Can Tea Tree Oil help for Shingles?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (or CDC), about 1 million people suffer from shingles outbreak annually in the US alone. Additionally, 1 out of every 3 people will suffer from the condition at one point in their lives.

Being such a common condition, it is critical to know the best way to treat it or reduce its symptoms.

What are Shingles?

Shingles is basically a viral infection that’s characterized by painful skin rashes. It is caused by re-activation of the varicella zoster virus (or VZV)—the same virus that causes chickenpox. Once contracted, the virus tends to remain dormant in the victim’s nerve roots.

In fact, for some people, it remains inactive for several years or even the rest of their lives. In others, it may be triggered by certain diseases or compromised immune system.

Tea Tree oil for treatment of shingles

From the botanical family of myrtle, tea tree oil is derived from Australian native plant, melaeuca aternifolia. Past studies have shown that Aborigine tribes used the tree as a general antiseptic for thousands of years.

Today, it is a highly celebrated natural antibacterial disinfectant that’s associated with a wide range of health benefits.

The oil is not only a popular agent for treating infectious organisms, but it is also a great astringent that is used to cure many skin conditions.

Tea tree oil also has antiviral properties, which makes it a strong treatment option for a variety of medical conditions including shingles. The essential oil can, therefore, be used to treat the varicella zoster virus and alleviate its symptoms.

Additionally, tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties that help to reduce pain. It is, therefore, a great relief for shingles victims because pain is one of the most notable side effects of the condition.

Lastly, the tea tree oil acts as a powerful antibacterial agent, which means that applying the oil on shingles rash will not only reduce scarring but also prevent further infection.

Maximizing the effects of tea tree oil for treatment of shingles

While the use of tea tree oil to treat shingles isn’t new, it is considered novel by some people. Accordingly, there are different methods that people use to maximize the benefits of this versatile essential oil.

The following three methods are the most popular:

  • Mixing tea tree with olive oil for a massage lotion. This is often rubbed gently on the shingle rashes for pain and itch relief.
  • Mixing tea tree with lavender oil and applying it on the rashes. Lavender oil is an analgesic and antiviral agent, so the mixture effectively soothes and treats shingles.
  • Mixing tea tree with lavender to create cold or hot compress that can be applied on the shingle rashes

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite organic tea tree oils in this article.

Final Verdict

Tea tree oil is great for treating and reducing the severity of shingles. It can sooth away nerve pain, reduce itching, calm redness, and expedite overall healing of the skin.

Tea tree oil is also helpful in the treatment of acne scars, so be rest assured that the shingles scars will also fade away completely with the oil.