How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

The therapeutic effects of red light go beyond joint pain or anti-aging treatments, and may address acne issues as well. If you suffer in silence and are at wit's end, then you know the red light's counterpart -- the blue light -- might just help boost your defences sufficiently against acne.

red light therapy can help skin

Now it is easy to lull yourself with meditative music, a gentle water element, and aromatherapy's pleasantly wafting scents. Wake up! These light emitting diode therapy methods do not replace your health care routine, such as cleansing, using a good toner, exfoliation, moisturizer, and a sunscreen.

For the anti-aging element, the red light waves, it is claimed, improve the skin's barrier by simply helping it retain nutrients and healing elements better.

Collagen normally wears out, leading to sagging and wrinkles, as we age. Damage and age are the main culprits, but red light therapy may target the oil glands in your skin that minimize cytokines, a pro-inflammatory that contributes to acne.Get the extra help you need with red light therapy, which may reduce the wrinkles surrounding the eyes, while blasting away acne.

That stated, red light therapy does not actually do away with acne-causing bacteria. You will require regularly occurring treatments, even though it is not proven whether they are effective or not at this point.

Basically, if you need all the extra help you can get, or want to hedge your bets, then this is an excellent way to accomplish that. In-office treatments range from 50 dollars to 200 dollars per treatment.

Meanwhile, an at-home machine can set you back around 300 dollars.The machines manufactured for home use have one main drawback. To be safe, they limit the strength of the machines, to limit danger.

If you budget is limited, I recommend the following device for your home use:

red light therapy device for your skin

Facefx Anti-aging Device

This portable device for home use combines fractional red light therapy with the power of deep thermal heating to help stimulate the collagen production in your skin.

Recommended by dermatologists​ and clinically tested, the device can brighten dull skin color for a younger, fresher appearance.

  • Helps with the reduction of pore size
  • Skin texture improvement
  • Helps to brighten your skin color
  • Delivers professional results, even at home
  • ​Can help to dimish wrinkles

Do invest in protective eyewear to prevent the LED light from damaging your eyesight as well. You can find a very affordable pair here.

Though, more costly is not necessarily better, just as FDA cleared does not guarantee effectiveness. For the purposes of FDA clearance, a device is not put to the test to see how well it works. It does give you the reassurance of safety standards, however, which is important where lasers are concerned.

Consider how putting on the red light might enhance and improve your skin whether at home or in the dermatologist's chair. You might, in time, want to perform your own services at home for convenience, cost effectiveness, and efficiency all in one machine performing double duty.