The Benefits Of Yellow Light Therapy For Rosacea

Also known as orange light or amber light therapy, yellow light therapy utilizes wavelengths in the range between 570nm to 620nm.

Yellow light is pretty close to red on the light spectrum and has some similar benefits to red light and benefits that are specific to yellow light too. Within the medical community, yellow light is generally categorized as amber.

While yellow light only shallowly penetrates the skin, it has been found to be effective in treating skin conditions such as spider veins and rosacea.This type of light therapy is not commonly used in healing skin problems involving deep tissue or elastic and collagen production. But, it provides great results in reversing damages to the skin caused by exposure to the sun.

People with sensitive skin will benefit from the soothing and calming effect of yellow light therapy. If you are looking for a solution to skin conditions such as UV radiation, rosacea, flushing, redness and inflammation, yellow light therapy offers a great non-pharmaceutical alternative.

Studies have found that yellow light works to heal the skin by eradicating waste, boosting the flow of lymphatic fluids, and promoting the growth of new skin cells.

What Options Are Available For Application of Yellow Light Therapy?

There are several affordable ways to enjoy the benefits of yellow light therapy.Filter GelsIf you are after the yellow light wavelength, find yellow filter gels in your desired wavelength.

To use filter gels for light therapy, simply place the filter gel right in front of a source of full-spectrum light. Direct the light to the affected area on your skin for optimum results.

Dichromatic Lights

Dichromatic light in 150 watts provides a source of non-wavelength specific color therapy. You can find this bulb type at your local home improvement or department store.

Dichromatic lights come with a special dichroic lens that emits only your desired wavelength of light and reflects all the other colors back into the lamp.

The light is incandescent and therefore ensures emission of a natural spectrum of color. For example, yellow light emits wavelengths of yellow from between 570nm to 620nm.

Another advantage of the GE dichromatic light is that it produces richer, clearer and more intense colors compared to ordinary color therapy lamps.

These lights can be used in place of LEDs but be sure to follow the recommended procedure for the replaced LED light.

Follow these guidelines when using GE dichromatic lights for yellow light therapy:

    • Be sure to use a surge protector to avoid a potential bulb explosion.
    • Use a ceramic socket or a socket rated for 150 watts or more if you plan to use the lights for more than five minutes.
    • After turning the bulb on, do not touch it. Wait at least 20 minutes before touching the bulb after you turn it off. These lights can become extremely hot so you need to be extra careful.
    • Place the light at least two feet away from your skin.

In the field of light therapy, red light is what’s commonly used to treat symptoms of rosacea. Even then, a lot of people with rosacea have benefitted from yellow light therapy.

While you can use yellow light on its own for the treatment of rosacea, you will see better results in terms of symptom alleviation when you combine yellow with red light for therapy.

How Effective is Yellow Light for Rosacea Treatment?

A unique characteristic of yellow light is its rejuvenating, soothing and calming properties that are suitable for the skin. In addition to alleviating rosacea symptoms, yellow light is effective in minimizing redness, soothing sensitive or inflamed skin, encouraging red cell production to revitalize and heal the skin, minimizing damage caused by exposure to UV rays, and decreasing the appearance of visible veins on the skin.

Red light offers great benefits for soothing inflammation from rosacea but amber light therapy works better for treatment of redness that typically accompanies rosacea flare-ups.

You can safely combine red and yellow light to maximize the benefits to your skin. LED yellow light has been used to soothe, heal, revitalize and minimize facial redness in laser surgery patients.

In one study, it was found that application of LED light therapy immediately following laser skin resurfacing saw a significant reduction in the duration and severity of redness. This study and others provide solid evidence of the effectiveness of light therapy even when applied to sensitive skin.

Other than its role in minimizing redness, yellow light has been used to boost the immune system by boosting lymphatic flow. Rosacea sufferers are prone to secondary skin infections such as acne so exposure to yellow light can help heal infections and to revitalize damaged tissue, resulting in healthy skin.

How Does Yellow Light Work for Rosacea?

Those in the medical community posit that yellow light works to reduce rosacea symptoms such as redness by decreasing the size of blood vessels. This way, the constricted blood vessels become less visible. LED yellow light therapy is very safe even for people with sensitive skin.

Yellow light has also been found to stimulate red blood cell production, a process that is vital to helping the skin heal and rejuvenate, with the result being healthier skin.

Visible yellow light only reaches the upper layers of the skin. As such, the most visible and greatest impact from yellow light therapy occurs at the skin surface, where results can be seen most.

Through a natural healing process, yellow light heals rosacea symptoms without causing adverse side effects.

Benefits of Yellow Light for Rosacea

Yellow light therapy treats rosacea symptoms by:

    • Promoting faster skin healing
    • Minimizing redness
    • Reducing inflammation, itching, burning, swelling, and flare-ups
    • Minimizing time required to heal a flare-up
    • Soothing irritated and sensitive skin
    • Stimulating production of red blood cells for faster healing and healthy skin
    • Reducing the appearance of visible blood vessels
    • Healing skin damaged by exposure to UV rays

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Yellow light therapy, like other types of light therapy, has been found to be effective in healing and rejuvenating the skin. Those with particularly sensitive and reactive skin will benefit from the soothing and calming effects of yellow light wavelengths.

Application of yellow light therapy is painless, non-invasive, completely natural, and continues to be effective over the long-term. Self-application is simple, safe and takes up very little time.