The Best Makeup For Rosacea in 2023

It is said that makeup is self-confidence applied directly to the face; this couldn’t be truer for someone who’s had to endure the harsh symptoms of Rosacea that can really take a toll on your self-esteem. Makeup has the magical power to minimize the appearance of those blood vessels, flushed skin and the lesions.

In addition to offering you tips on using makeup for Rosacea-prone skin, we have also done extensive research to find the best makeup products for Rosacea on the market right now. Read on to find out how to look and feel good in spite of your symptoms:

How to Use Makeup for Rosacea

Even the best makeup will not give you great results unless you know how to use the products to improve the appearance of your skin. Here are some tips on making the most of makeup when you have Rosacea:

Use products appropriate for your skin:

Your skin is already sensitive and therefore requires gentle products that will minimize irritation. Before applying makeup, clean and moisturize your face. Instead of using makeup sponges, face towels or bare fingers, use an anti-bacterial brush to cleanse your face by removing excessive oil and dirt.

Use fewer products:

For someone with Rosacea, you want to apply as few chemical formulations on your skin. Too many products increase the risk of skin irritation. Whenever possible, use products that serve more than one function, for example, a foundation that also works as a sunscreen. If you are unsure how a product may react on your face, test it on your arm or neck first.

Correct redness with green primer:

A green-colored primer is great for neutralizing the redness that comes with Rosacea. If your redness is widespread, you could apply the primer all over your face. Alternatively, you simply dab the primer where you need it, to prepare your face for flawless foundation application. Look out for green bases with UVA and UVB sun protection to give your face additional protection against the sun’s worst effects.

Go for oil free products:

Both your foundation and concealer should preferably be oil-free. You also want to choose foundation that closely matches your skin tone and a concealer that is just a shade lighter than your natural skin tone.

Cover imperfections with corrective makeup: Ordinary, over the counter makeup may not be so effective at covering up moderate to severe Rosacea. For best results, go for corrective makeup containing UVA and UVB protection to conceal those stubborn lesions while also protecting you from the sun’s effects.

Tone down redness with mineral powder:

Mineral powder is great for everyday use as an alternative to foundation. Mineral powder generally does not contain potential irritants and some come in colored tones to help color-correct redness.

Be careful with blush:

As someone with Rosacea, your skin already has plenty of redness going on so you want to be careful when using blush to avoid making your face overly red. Use sheer blush for sensitive skin and apply only lightly with an antibacterial brush.

Choose eye makeup for sensitive skin:

If you have ocular Rosacea, you want to be extra careful about the makeup you apply around the eye area. Ideally, your eye makeup should be ophthalmologist-tested. Go for makeup that comes off easily. Eye shadow made with mineral powder is a better choice for someone prone to ocular Rosacea. It is also probably a good idea to stay away from bold eye pencil and eye shadows, which have high pigment levels and instead opt for lighter and neutral tones.

Avoid brightly-colored lipstick:

Bright lipstick may be popular but it will likely not look good against skin that is already red. In the spirit of toning things down, opt for neutral lipstick/lip gloss to make your lips pop in a good kind of way.

How to Apply Foundation for Rosacea

After moisturizing and applying a gentle primer on your face, use an antibacterial brush to apply foundation. Avoid using your fingertips or a sponge as these may irritate the skin. Using the brush, apply a small amount of liquid foundation to the back of your hand, dab a little bit and sweep the brush across your face in an outward movement

If you are using powder or cream foundation, collect the foundation using the brush and apply on the face using broad strokes around the cheeks, forehead and chin. To apply foundation on narrow areas such as the highline, eyes, nose and mouth use the edge of the brush and blend thoroughly. Always clean your makeup brush after use.

How To Apply Concealer for Rosacea

Concealer goes the extra mile to hide unwanted marks and lesions that can remain visible beneath a coat of foundation.

To apply, use an antibacterial brush to dot small amounts of concealer from the inner corner of your eyes outwards. Dab and blend the product where you need to hide flaws before finishing off the look with foundation.

The Best makeup for Rosacea

a foundation for rosacea



Our Rating:

The Jane Iredal foundation is our top pick for several reasons. First, it is a mineral foundation and therefore does not contain potential irritants. In particular, it is made from micronized minerals that are weightless and free of oil or artificial chemicals.

Remember what we said about going for multifunctional makeup products? This product by Jane Iredal is not only a foundation but also acts as a concealer and broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 20, offering protection against UVB and UVA rays.

This is especially nice as it contains powerful antioxidants such as Pomegranate Extract and Pine Exract, which minimize UV damages. Other essential ingredients include Titanium Dioxide, which provides extensive coverage and aids in minimizing redness and Zinc, which offers protection against bacteria.


  • High quality and adaptable coverage
  • Free of potential irritants
  • Easily covers redness and minimizes irritation
  • Offers UVB/UVA protection
  • Goes on effortlessly and effectively


  • Tends to be too matte

redness solution suited for rosacea



Our Rating:

As someone prone to redness and flushing, you should consider color-correcting makeup as part of your beauty routine.Clinique’s Redness Solutions makeup is oil-free and contains soothing formulation to minimize flushing.

This foundation is formulated using probiotic technology, which aids in strengthening the skin’s protective layer.

Packed with antioxidants and SPF 15, this product offers protection against the effects of the sun and other environmental pollutants.We like the foundation’s green color, which works specifically to color-correct the red spots on your face, leaving you with an even skin tone.

The only problem with this otherwise great product is that it can tend to cake up and does not come off easily, which may require you to tug and scrub your skin.


  • Oil-free
  • Minimizes flushing
  • Color-correcting green formulation
  • Probiotic technology
  • SPF 15


  • Can be cakey
  • Accentuates pores
  • Does not come off easily
  • Not great for dry skin

a rosacea specific foundation



Our Rating:

Dermablend is among the few brands that offer products specifically for people with Rosacea. The Liquid Camo Foundation offers high quality medium coverage.What we like about this foundation is its breathable formulation, which makes it light and suitable for someone with Rosacea.

In addition to offering all-day hydration, this foundation also comes with broad-spectrum level 25 SPF to protect your face from UVA and UVB rays.

A major plus for the Dermablend foundation is that it is fragrance free and contains healthy ingredients recommended by Good Guide and the Environmental Working Group.

This product has double the pigmentation of the regular liquid foundation, so a little goes a long way.The foundation goes on easily and can last up to sixteen hours without needing to retouch throughout the day.


  • Medium coverage with staying power
  • Uses safe ingredients
  • Breathable and non-irritating for Rosacea-prone skin
  • Broad-spectrum SPF 25


  • Tends to settle and emphasize cracks in the skin
  • Seems to make pores more noticeable

rosacea foundation



Our Rating:

This mineral foundation by BareMineral is one of our top picks because, as mentioned earlier mineral foundation or powders are the best option for sensitive skin, as they typically do not contain potential irritants.

Its shine-free coverage makes this foundation especially suitable for people with oily skin. Another great feature of this product is that it works to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, giving you a flawless look.

It provides deep coverage for age spots, acne and lesions from Rosacea. The best part? It offers sun protection with an SPF level of 15.


  • Excellent coverage for a powder
  • Provides a natural look
  • Offers sun protection with SPF 15
  • Easy to put on
  • Mineral formula


  • Needs retouching throughout the day

rosacea consealer by nyx



Our Rating:

When you have a skin condition such as Rosacea, you certainly want a concealer that completely hides any redness and spots to avoid makeup mishaps.

This concealer by NYX is a great choice not just for its affordability but also for its creamy consistency that makes it wonderfully easy to apply and blend. Some users say using this concealer is enough and no extra foundation is required.

Its creamy texture means a little goes a long way and the product does not get flaky or gooey; using setting powder goes a long way in increasing the concealer’s staying power.

The only deal breaker with this concealer is that it tends to dry up real fast so it may settle on your skin before you have had a chance to really blend in the product.


  • Provides medium to natural coverage
  • Contains hydrators and skin conditioning agents
  • Non-comedogenic formula
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Very pigmented; use carefully on red spots
  • It doesn't last very long


Makeup can help improve the appearance of Rosacea-prone skin but only if you use the right product.We recommend the Jane Iredal foundation because it is specifically formulated for sensitive skin. This mineral foundation serves multiple functions and offers superior coverage, which is crucial for someone looking to minimize redness and other flaws.

Although this is our top pick, we encourage you to try any of the other product’s we have recommended. When choosing makeup or a foundation for red skin, be sure to seek out products that do not contain potential irritants. Go for those that can color-correct and if possible offer UVB/UVA protection.