The Best Skin Tag Removal Products

Skin tags are generally innocuous but they can look awkward and annoying especially if they grow on visible areas of the body.

If skin tags get in your way, for example, when they keep getting caught up in jewelry, rub against your clothes or make shaving a nightmare, some of the best skin tag removal products can come in handy to help get rid of the pesky outgrowths for good.

What is a skin tag?

A skin tag is a small skin outgrowth that slightly resembles a wart. A skin tag can vary in color and can be a few millimeters or grow up to 5cm in size.

These outgrowths commonly appear on parts of the body that tend to be creased such as beneath the breast, around the groin areas, armpits and eyelids. Some people also have skin tags on their face, trunk or legs.

Anyone can get skin tags; in fact, most people will develop a skin tag at some point in their lifetime. It is possible for one to have tens and even hundreds of skin tags at a go.

Skin Tag Causes

Although there is no known cause of skin tags, factors such as genetics contribute to their growth. The obese also seem to have a higher incidence of skin outgrowths.

The Best Skin Tag Removal Products:

You Have To Be Prepared To Pay As Much As $100 For Each Outgrowth Removed By A Doctor. Fortunately, You Can Get Rid Of Skin Tags Fast By Using Effective Skin Tag Removal Products Bought Over The Counter.

We have researched and sieved through many products to come up with four of the best.

skin tag removal system



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TagBand is a skin removal device that works by inhibiting blood supply to the skin outgrowth. The device works effectively for small to medium sized skin tags and results are visible in a few days.

TagBand works best for removing skin tags on the face and body but not around the eye area.The process of cutting off blood supply to the skin tag is known as ligation. This process causes the skin outgrowth to eventually die out due to lack of oxygenated blood.

How to use TagBand to Remove Skin Tags

Before going ahead to use TagBand, be sure to choose the right band size depending on whether you have small or medium-sized skin tags. Here’s how the TagBand device works:

  • Clean your skin tag and the surrounding area of the skin using the swabs contained in the TagBand kit. Cleaning minimizes chances of contracting an infection.
  • Insert a band into 1/5th of the plastic cone of the device; do this ahead of time before you are ready to apply on your skin tag.
  • Place the cone on top of the skin tag you want to remove. Press the cone down so that the skin tag is on the same level as the rest of the skin to ensure the band gets deep into the root of the skin tag to effectively cut off the blood flow.
  • Using your other hand, push the remover down the cone’s length. Slowly push at the bottom to allow the band to come off the cone. Once it comes off, the band to should be secured around the root of the skin tag.
  • Keep the band in place until the skin tag falls off on its own.

If done right, there is no need to repeat the process. Before falling off, the skin will look shriveled and darker. The skin tag will be permanently removed.

We especially like this skin tag removal device because it works very fast unlike other treatments. You should be able to see amazing results in about 5 to 10 days.

wart vanish



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The Wart Mole Vanish claims to be able to remove skin tags fast i.e. in just 20 minutes.All you need to do is apply the cream on each skin tag and leave it on for 20 minutes before washing it off.

The Wart Mole Vanish causes the skin tag to fall off, leaving a scab. The scab will eventually heal and the skin tag will be gone permanently. The area where the skin tag was will also return to normal skin tone in a few weeks.This is one of our favorite skin tag removal products because of its rapid results but it is slightly costlier than the TagBand product.

cleanser for rosacea



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Tea tree oil is one of the best products for a myriad of skin conditions including getting rid of skin tags.

Australian tea tree oil is a natural treatment for skin tags and is completely safe. For best result, apply a few drops of the oil on each skin outgrowth three times a day in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Strict adherence to this routine will dry up the skin tags, which will become darker before dying and eventually falling off.

Unlike the TagBand and Wart Mole Vanish, the Australian tea tree oil takes much longer to get rid of skin tags i.e. it can take up to 3 to 6 weeks but the results are totally worth the wait. We love this product because it is very effective at painlessly removing skin tags and the best part is that it is natural and safe to use on all skin types.

natural skin tag remover



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Tag Away is a topical remedy for skin tags and contains natural plant extracts that help to painlessly get rid of skin outgrowths.

The primary active ingredient contained in the solutions is thuja occidenalis, an essential oil known for its effectiveness at eliminating skin tags.

Although this is a safe and natural skin tag removal product, the only downside is that you would need to wait much longer to see significant results.


Admittedly, there are so many over-the-counter skin tag removal products and it can be overwhelming to choose one product.

The products we have reviewed above are some of the most popular. However, each of these skin tag removal product has its own varying levels of effectiveness. Some products may work but can take longer to show results while others may work immediately for some people.

Factors such as the stubbornness of the skin tag can cause some products to work slowly for some people compared to others, so bear this in mind.

If you have especially sensitive skin, you might want to go for a product that is all natural and one that will cause as minimal pain and scarring as possible. Solutions such as the Australian tea tree oil are a good choice but you will have to be patient to see good results.

Avoid liquid skin tag removal products if you want to use around the eye area. The only exception would be the Australian tea tree oil, which is a natural and safe formulation for skin tags.