What Are The Best Light Therapy Masks in 2019?

Light therapy has gained mainstream acceptance and has even been endorsed by the scientific community. As a result, more and more people are benefiting from being able to safely treat their skin right from the comfort of their homes.

Sure, licensed skin specialists and prescription products have their own place when it comes to treating skin problems. However, products such as light therapy masks offer an affordable and convenient solution to a wide array of skin issues and work perfectly to restore your skin’s health.

Types of Light Used in Light Therapy

LED light therapy devices are categorized by the type of light they emit. So, the type of light is a major consideration when buying any light therapy products. The main types of lights include:

Amber light:

This type of light has less intensity and will not penetrate too deep into your skin. However, the amber light is fantastic for correcting skin pigmentation.

Red/infrared light:

Most devices emit this type of light. Red/infrared light is intense and penetrates deeply into the skin and as such is very effective in resolving skin tone issues. This type of light boosts the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential for slowing down the aging process and eliminating scars and wounds.

Blue light:

Scientific studies have shown that blue light can inhibit acne-causing bacteria. Using red and blue light together can support the quick recovery of your skin and helps to minimize acne lesions.

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LED light therapy masks help to minimize the effects of acne, relieve pain caused by skin conditions such as rosacea, reduce fine lines, correct hyperpigmentation, and rejuvenate the skin.

How to Buy LED Light Therapy Masks

When shopping for an LED mask for light therapy, be sure to evaluate products based on the following features:

  • Device power:
    Different brands of light therapy masks have different power outputs. Some devices pair the power output with the appropriate duration of treatment. When comparing masks, be sure that you are comparing products that use the same criteria to measure power output.
  • Wavelengths:
    Ideally, light therapy devices should emit wavelengths in the range of 600-800nm.
  • Duration of treatment:
    Preferably, you should select a light therapy mask that doesn’t require too much treatment time. Masks that take too long may not be the most effective.
  • FDA-approved:
    While the FDA cannot guarantee that a LED product will be effective, it does lay down policies and regulations to ensure the safety of each device.

Review of the Best Light Therapy Masks

We’ve looked at the top ten light therapy masks available on the market and reviewed them for you. We’ll start with the product with the lowest rating to the most highly rated mask.

Newkey Skin Care Mask

Newkey Skin Care Mask



Our Rating:

Newkey works really well with all skin types and will resolve a wide array of skin problems.

Each mask comes with over 100 LED lights of different wavelengths. The blue LEDs emit light with a wavelength of 463nm. This type of light eliminates bacteria that cause acne and minimizes the production of oil to prevent clogging of the skin’s pores.

Cyan light has a wavelength of 470nm and aids in minimizing skin inflammation. With a wavelength of 510nm, light blue lights also work to minimize inflammation and to protect allergy-prone skin.

Green light emits wavelengths of 527nm and helps to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. Yellow light has a wavelength of 590nm and boosts the flow of lymph fluid, which is responsible for immunity.

With its 600nm wavelength frequency, purple light is effective in slowing down the aging process and correcting uneven skin tone. Red light emits wavelengths of 650nm and helps to speed up replication of skin cells, boost blood circulation, and increase production of collagen and elastin to make the skin plump.

Newkey light masks are typically sturdy and will cover the face completely except for spaces around the mouth, nose, and eyes.For added convenience, the mask comes with brackets on each side to ensure the device stays in place when you wear it.

The mask is turned on/off using an accompanying digital remote with which you can control the light intensity, select the color of light you prefer, and set the timer.

For best results, set the timer for between 15 and 20 minutes for each treatment session. The frequency and duration of use depend on the type of skin condition you are treating. For example, for the treatment of acne, the mask is best worn daily. To minimize the appearance of fine lines the mask can be won at least twice a week.

The Newkey skin care mask is generally safe to use but be sure to apply a toner and a non-oily moisturize after each treatment session to minimize skin drying and irritation.

The device comes with a generous 30-day-money-back guarantee so you can test whether the product works for you.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Treatment Mask



Our Rating:

Neutrogena touts itself as the best light therapy mask for acne-prone skin. The mask is really lightweight and comes with ear-pieces that look like eye-glasses. These help to hold the mask in position when in use.

The mask covers the entire face but there are transparent spaces around the eye area. There are 13 blue and 13 red lights with the blue light working to eliminate acne-causing bacteria while the red light works to minimize inflammation, increase skin cell energy production, and improve blood circulation.

While the Neutrogena mask works pretty well against acne, this may not be the best product for eliminating cysts and blackheads.Before using the mask, cleanse your skin. Be sure to completely insert the remote control into the plug after which you may put on the mask and light it up by holding down the power button. Each treatment is timed for 10 minutes after which the mask automatically turns off.

What's really great about this mask is that it does not need to be plugged into a socket so you can carry out your treatment while engaging in other activities.

Unfortunately, the Neutrogena mask can only be used for about 30 treatment sessions after which you would need to buy a new device.

In addition to offering a 30-day money back guarantee, Neutrogena has reliable customer support in case you need help with the mask.

Missammy Face and Neck Mask

Missammy Face and Neck Mask



Our Rating:

If you are looking for a light therapy mask such as the ones used in spa and clinical settings, the Missammy Face and Neck Mask may be right for you.

This device has proven to be effective in treating an array of skin problems such as scarring, hyperpigmentation, aging, dry skin, acne, and blemishes.

The mask comes with a whopping 192 LED lights with red lights emitting wavelengths of 630nm, infrared lights emitting wavelengths of 830nm, and blue lights at wavelengths of 415nm.

Depending on your treatment goals, you may choose the preferred type of light from the three combinations available, which include blue-infrared, red-infrared, and red-blue-infrared.

A cool feature of this mask is the adjustable micro-current electrodes that gently stimulate your face. The mask also comes with oxygen outlets if you wish to connect the mask to an oxygen generator for additional rejuvenation of the skin.

The mask covers the face and neck area with openings around the eye area, nose, and mouth. You may adjust the device to the size of your face.

Unlike other masks that can be used while you are seated the Missammy mask is a bit heavy and works best when used in a reclining position.

The user-friendly touchscreen control lets you choose the light therapy combination and the intensity of the micro-electrodes stimulation.

Each treatment session is automatically set to 15 minutes after which the device turns itself off. It is safe to use this mask as often as five times a week but you may only start to see significant results after 8 weeks of use.Reduce frequency of use once the desired results are noticeable.

Missammy Sollume Esthe

Missamy Sollume Esthe mask



Our Rating:

The Sollume Esthe light therapy mask from the Missammy brand is battery-powered so unlike other handheld masks, it takes the fuss out of at-home spa treatments.

This device comes with a combination of red and infrared lights, which penetrate deep into the skin to boost production of collagen and elastin.

Use this mask to rejuvenate skin, eliminate blemishes, restore even skin tone, and reduce inflammation.The device is set automatically at 15 minutes after which it turns itself off. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort for users of all ages, genders, and sizes. The mask completely covers the face with exception of the eye area.

The low-light treatment is gentle enough for all skin types and pregnant mothers can safely use this device too.

Before putting on the mask, cleanse and moisturize your face. This device emits LED lights in the wavelength range of 630nm and 850nm.

Angel Kiss Phototherapy Mask

Angel Kiss Phototherapy Mask



Our Rating:

The Angel Kiss Phototherapy mask has been proven to be effective in treating several skin problems using lights emitted at different wavelengths.

The device comes with 160 LEDs bulbs emitting seven different lights, each providing its own benefit to the skin.Blue light is emitted at a wavelength of 463nm and is effective in killing acne-causing bacteria and eliminating skin blemishes.

At 470nm, Cyan lights help to minimize inflammation while the light blue light is emitted at a wavelength of 510nm and helps to relieve pain from inflammation resulting from breakouts.

At a wavelength of 527nm, green light aids in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Dark purple light is emitted at a wavelength of 640nm and works to make skin tone even and to reduce fine lines as well.

Purple light with a 600nm wavelength boosts lymph flow. Emitted at 650nm, red light helps to increase blood circulation, boost cellular energy production, and support production of elastin and collagen.

The Angel Kiss mask is held in place by an elastic strap so you can use it both in the sitting or reclining positions. Using the remote control, you can select the light color, set the treatment time, and adjust the light’s intensity.

After washing and air-drying your face, attach the mask to the remote control, plug the remote into a wall socket then press the power button to start the treatment.

For best results, treat your face for 20 minutes twice or thrice a week. Results are typically noticeable after four weeks of continuous use.This sturdy mask will provide you with up to 10 years of great service.

Deesse Professional LED Beauty Mask

DEESSE Professional LED Facial Mask



Our Rating:

The beauty mask by Deesse is a professional-level device specifically used for eliminating the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.The device comes with dozens of LED bulbs emitting light at a wavelength of 630nm. This ensures deep penetration of light into the skin to promote the production of elastin and collagen. It also increases blood circulation, which helps to speed up the healing of blemished skin.

Treatment sessions are automatically set at 20 minutes and it is recommended to use the mask 3-4 times a week for best results. Continued use makes the skin feel and look suppler and smoother with less visible wrinkles and fine lines.

The red light emitted by this device helps minimize inflammation caused by conditions such as rosacea.For optimal results, apply anti-aging serums and lotions prior to using the mask. Red light has been found to boost the absorption of these moisturizers.

The Deesse beauty mask is very light and covers the entire face except for the eye, nose, and mouth areas. The device is held firmly in place using a headband so you can use it in a sitting or standing position.The mask is designed to get in close contact with the face to ensure that light penetrates deeply into the skin.

Unfortunately, this mask is not portable—it works with a handheld remote control and a power plug, unlike other beauty masks that are conveniently battery-powered.

Project E Beauty LED Photon Therapy Skin Care Mask

Project E Beauty 7 Color LED Mask



Our Rating:

The Project E skin care mask is one of the best on the market and provides really great results for all sorts of skin problems. Whether you are looking to treat mild to moderate acne, eliminate blemishes, or reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, this mask gets the job done.

The mask is thoughtfully designed to comfortably fit the face. This device is, however, heavier than some of the others but fortunately, it is a hands-free mask, so you can engage in other activities during treatment.

An adjustable band helps to hold the mask in place. Each device comes with 150 LED bulbs emitting blue, red and green light at wavelengths in the 463-650nm range.

Blue light has been found to be effective in eliminating acne-causing bacteria and minimizing the production of sebaceous oils to prevent clogging of skin pores. Blue light also works effectively to heal inflammation resulting from rosacea and psoriasis.E

Emitted at a wavelength of 527nm, green light works to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. This light works best when combined with red light.

Red light is emitted at 650nm and helps with increasing blood flow, which aids in providing cells with nutrients and oxygen, needed for quicker cell replication. This light also boosts the production of elastin and collagen.

It is super easy to use this mask—just apply the remote control to turn the mask on, select the light color, adjust the intensity of light, and set treatment duration.

This device comes with a one-year warranty and a helpful instruction manual for your convenience.

NORLANYA Photon Therapy Facial Skin Care Treatment Machine Facial Toning Mask



Our Rating:

The toning mask by Norlanya offers an affordable and convenient method of treating an array of skin problems.

The lights inside the mask are intentionally placed along the contours in the form of red, blue, and green lights to cater to your treatment needs.

Using the light irradiation method, this mask ensures that light penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin to activate molecular reactions that boost the production of collagen and elastin, and promote cell replication all of which help to keep the skin looking young.

A really great thing about this mask is that it is lightweight and comes with convenient openings around the eye, mouth and nose area so you can engage in other activities such as watching TV or using your mobile device.

The mask also comes with an elastic band that can be adjusted to keep it in place. The contours of the mask make it possible for anyone to comfortably use the mask. What’s more, you can use the mask on any part of the body if you want to, thanks to the device’s unique design.

To start your treatment session, connect the mask to the USB cable on the remote control, which is then connected to the power supply cord. The power supply cord is connected to a wall socket to jumpstart the device.

The remote control is easy to use with its labeled buttons so no need to fumble around looking for the correct function. You can select the desired LED color, adjust the intensity of light, and set the treatment time preferably at 20 minutes.

Treat your face 2-3 times a week for best results. You will start to see significant results in 3-6 weeks of steady use.

It is also recommended that you apply an oil-free moisturizer after treatment to avoid skin drying. Overall, this mask is appropriate for all skin types and is safe for use by pregnant women.

The Norlanya mask comes with 150 LED lights, which emit red, blue and green light. Emitted at a wavelength range of 650-730nm, the red light promotes the production of collagen which helps to repair damaged tissues. Red light also aids in reducing the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores.

Blue light is emitted at a wavelength range of 430 to 450nm and works effectively to eliminate acne-bacteria and to relieve inflammation.

The green light, emitted at 525 to 550 nm is effective in restoring an even skin tone, minimizing fine lines, and boosting blood flow, which in turn helps to reduce the appearance of scars.


The type of mask you opt to buy will depend on your treatment goals whether you are looking to combat acne, reduce blemishes, minimize the appearance of fine lines, reduce inflammation, or rejuvenate your skin.

There is a ton of scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness and safety of light therapy for treating various skin conditions and light therapy masks offer an affordable method for treating your skin right from the comfort of your home.