What Is Sun-Charged Water?

We can all agree that the benefits of drinking water are fairly obvious. Nobody can survive without it. And this should be a solid reason to convince you to stay hydrated, right?

Of course, it is important to appreciate how water fuels so many processes that get our bodies through the day. But we can get even more benefits from sun-charged water!

So, What’s Sun-Charged Water?

Basically, sun-charged (or solarized) water is water that’s infused with natural benefits from the sun and earth. It is known in some social circles as water kissed by the sun.

It is made by putting a bottle or jug of clean, filtered water in the sun for about 5-8 hours. The water should then be used within 24 hours.

Benefits of Sun-Charged Water

Since light and heat oxidize water and food, one of the top benefits of drinking sun-charged water is that it can help in eliminating bacteria, virus, and fungal infections in the body.

People who drink solarized water have also reported increased energy, physical attractiveness, and rejuvenation feelings.

Some users have also confirmed that sun-charged water has helped them heal from previously encountered illnesses without the assistance of medication.

There are also users who have reported that they experienced better and faster healing when they used sun-charged water in conjunction with herbal remedies and prescribed medications.

Additionally, by drinking sun-charged water, you are enabling your inner body to become more alkaline. Alkaline environments help to keep your muscle tissues hydrated which further helps your vital organs to function at optimal rates.

Moreover, sun-charged water in colored containers has been used for healing for several decades. Today, you can also use color-charged water to tackle one or more challenging medical conditions.

How to Make Sun Water

  1. Place your container or jar with water on the ground, ideally with no surrounding gras. If contact with earth is not possible, try rock, cement or sand.
  2. After leaving the container outside between 5-8 hours of light absorption (depending on your geo location and season), your water will be fully sun-charged.
  3. Do not leave the container outside over night, as that will drain your sun water of its charge!

In winter, it may be necessary to leave your glass jar of solarized water throughout the day. Sun-charged water can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Which Containers Are Recommended for Solarized Water?

It is highly recommended to use glass bottles when making your sun-charged water since plastic containers may leach a wide range of toxins (including phytoestrogens and BPA, which can interfere with hormonal balance) into your water, especially when exposed to high temperatures.

You can also use different colors of glass bottles to sun charge your water depending on the healing effect you want to achieve. For instance, blue and purple are believed to be anti-inflammatory and calming.


sun-charged water is great for anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal purposes, and can be applied topically on the skin. What’s more, besides using it as drinking water, sun-charged water work perfectly in a wide range of healthy recipes.

Even if you don’t believe that sun-charged water can do all these, you need to understand that in the end, it is still water, so you lose nothing in trying it.