What Are Cell Salts?

Cell salts, also known as biochemical tissue salts or simply tissue salts, are essential mineral salts found in the body’s cells. These salts play a vital role in cellular metabolism.Deficiencies in mineral salts in the body are believed to be a major cause of illness. Tissue salts, taken orally or used topically, can help to correct these deficiencies therefore allowing the body to restore its self to health.

Advances in chemistry and cellular biology throughout the 19th century brought about the idea that imbalances in the body’s mineral salt content could have adverse effect on one’s health and wellbeing could be achieved by restoring the balance.

Dr. Schuessler, a German homeopath, is credited with furthering these findings. After spending years studying the effects of cell salt deficiencies caused metabolic problems, he identified 12 key tissue salts found in the body. He found that a deficiency in any of the cell salts could affect the body’s immunity and ability to resist microbes. Dr. Schuessler also identified and recorded the symptoms that can result from cell salt imbalances.

Types of Cell Salts

Dr Schuessler identified 12 tissue salts. Each salt is usually referred to by its number and can be bought from health food stores as combination salts or singly. The cell salts include:

  • Calcium fluoride (Calcarea fluor)
    is vital for the surface of teeth and bones, and for elastic tissues including blood vessels, muscles and skin.
  • Calcium phosphate (Calcarea phos)
    is a key element in teeth and bones.
  • Calcium sulphate (Calc sulph)
    works to treat conditions that result in pus formation such as acne, slow healing wounds, ulcers, boils and abscesses.
  • Ferrum phos
    (Iron phosphate) is useful in mitigating the effects of a viral infect or the initial stages of a cold especially when the symptoms are not adequately clear to apply specific homeopathic remedies.
  • Potassium chloride (Kali mur)
    is useful in blood thickening and in conditions that involve thick white discharge.
  • Potassium phosphate (Kali phos)
    is excellent in calming the brain and nerves, and strengthening the muscles following a serious illness.
  • Potassium sulphate (Kali sulph)
    aids in circulating oxygen to the cells and can help with conditions involving poor blood circulation, inflammation, yellow discharges and skin problems.8. Magnesium phosphate (Magnesium phos) works to alleviate spasms and can ease menstrual cramps.
  • Sodium chloride (Natrum mur)
    aids in restoring balance in conditions such as extreme dryness due to water metabolism problems.
  • Sodium phosphate (Natrum phos)
    aids in creating water when the body creates excessive acid resulting in problems such as colic and jaundice.
  • Sodium sulphate (Natrum sulph)
    aids in restoring the balance of water in the body and in conditions involving greenish discharge.
  • Silicea (Silicea)
    is useful where there is slow pus formation by accelerating the formation of discharge for example in abscesses or boils.

How Cell Salts Work

Tissue salts do not produce energy in the cell. Rather, the salts regulate the cell’s functions and in the process aid in food oxidation.

The concentration of mineral salts plays a role in the regular changes in cells’ composition. Each mineral salt affects the way in which a particular cell develops in the body. At the same time, particular mineral salts affect the functioning of very specific cells.

Cell salts are commonly associated with homeopathy, given that Dr. Schuessler who first introduced this healing system was a homeopath. Homeopaths do in fact use tissue salts as part of their remedies but the use of tissue salts in itself is not homeopathic.

When used in homeopathic remedies, the salts are administered using the ‘law of similars.’ The underlying logic is that if a remedy brings out certain symptom in a healthy individual, it will cure a sick person who exhibits these symptoms.

Using Dr. Schuessler system, cell salts are administered on the basis of the ‘law of opposites.’ A deficiency of any of the cell salts requires intake of a small quantity of the particular salt to eliminate any symptom resulting from the salt deficiency.

Cell Salts for teeth

When used as a homeopathic remedy, cell salts can help to reverse teeth and gum problems. The two most commonly used cell salts for teeth are salt number one and number four i.e. calcium fluoride (calc fluor) and Potassium chloride (kali mur) respectively.

cell salts and teeth

Tissue salt no 1: Calcium fluoride

Calcium fluoride can aid in healing tooth enamel problems. Simply place three or four cell salt tablets on the affected tooth. You can do this throughout the day and before going to bed until the cavity heal. Placing the cell salt in the gum area at the root of the tooth can also be helpful.

Tissue salt No. 4: Potassium chloride

Potassium chloride has been found to help with pus pockets originating from the roots. For best results, you need to take a high dose of this tissue salt by dissolving up to ten tablets in hot water. Note: do not stir using a metal spoon. Drink the water and repeat this process throughout the day to quickly heal the jaw infection. You may use tissue salt number four for advanced dental infections that have begun discharging.

Potassium chloride is tissue cell number 4 in Europe and tissue cell number 5 in the US.

Cell Salts Side Effects

If you are worried about cell salts side effects, you can be assured that the salts are generally very safe. Obviously, you need to use common sense when determining dosages and pay attention to how you respond to using the salts.

In some cases, the cell salts may temporarily intensify your symptoms for example, the appearance of rashes may increase and existing pain could increase for a while. These symptoms are known as first aggravations and are a sign that the organism is reacting to the cell salts.

Depending on your symptoms, you may decide whether you need a single cell salt or a combination of several cell salts at a go. Some conditions, for example tooth cavities, may require a high dose intake of Potassium chloride while others may only require you to take one or two cell salt a day.

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