What are the Benefits of Serrapeptase?

What if there was a natural ingredient that could be used to treat a wide range of medical conditions? What if you didn’t have to pop synthetic pills to cure that backache, asthma, headache or a sore throat?

In the last few years, experts have published many pieces of research acknowledging the health benefits of natural compounds and ingredients. One of such compounds is serrapeptase.

Serrapeptase is an enzyme found in silkworms. It is proteolytic, which means that it breaks down protein. Naturally, the protein breaks down the cocoons of silkworms.

Serrapeptase is widely used today in medicine, especially in Europe and Asia. The enzyme is classified as a dietary supplement, and it is used to manage a variety of medical conditions.

When ingested, serrapeptase influences reactions in the body by controlling the speed at which reactions occur. As a result, the enzyme helps balance the reactions and restore wellness in the body.

Serrapeptase is used to treat or manage a wide variety of conditions, which include back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, tension headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoporosis, sinusitis, back pain, and many more.

Here is a quick overview of some of the benefits of serrapeptase and how it can be useful in the body.

Boosts Circulatory Health

Serrapeptase boosts circulatory health by improving blood flow to every part in the body. As a result, the enzyme helps prevent inflammation which is one of the primary symptoms in conditions such as arthritis.

Individuals who have arthritis can realize relief and reduced pain by taking the supplement. Serrapeptase also helps reduce swelling and fluid accumulation in post-operative patients, and as a result, patients experience less pain and discomfort from the surgery.

Serrapeptase breaks down fibrin, a major protein that is responsible for causing blood clots. When there are too many clots in the blood, they can clog the arteries and increase the risk of stroke. By breaking down fibrin, serrapeptase promotes blood circulation and protects individuals from suffering heart-related conditions.

Promotes ENT Health

Ear, nose, and throat issues such as sinusitis, coughs, tension headaches, and colds can take a toll on an individual’s health. Serrapeptase promotes ENT health by managing these conditions. For example, it helps tin mucus and promotes drainage. Accordingly, individuals suffering from colds can realize quicker recovery by using this versatile supplement.

Research also suggests that taking serrapeptase can significantly reduce coughs, sinusitis, sore throat, and other related conditions. What’s more, patients can realize improvement after just three or four days of treatment.

Enhances Antibiotic Effectiveness

Cases of drug resistance and antibiotic ineffectiveness are on the rise today. Individuals suffering from bacterial infections require antibiotics to manage these problems. However, if they aren’t as effective, infections keep on recurring, and this promotes drug resistance.

Serrapeptase helps improve the effectiveness of antibiotics by weakening antibiotic-resistant bacteria and making them more susceptible to antibiotics. However, while taking antibiotics, it is important to note that the drugs damage the good bacteria in the gut. Therefore, individuals should eat food and supplements that promote gut health.

Dangers and Side Effects of Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase is known to mane various health conditions, but it also has a few side effects. Luckily, since it is a natural compound, the side effects are minimal and manageable.

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not ingest the serrapeptase. There isn’t much research concerning the use of serrapeptase in pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Therefore, experts advise you to stay on the safe side and avoid it altogether.
  • Due to its ability to interfere with blood clotting, serrapeptase is not recommended for individuals with blood disorders. They should consult a doctor before taking the supplements.
  • While serrapeptase reduces pain post-surgery, it can also interfere with blood clotting. Therefore, it is advisable that one stops using the enzyme a few weeks before surgery. Consult your surgeon if you are scheduled for surgery and are taking the supplement.

While serrapeptase is an incredible natural compound, it can also be harmful. If you fall in the categories mentioned above or are unsure of your health status, consult a medical doctor before using the supplement.


Serrapeptase is a safe enzyme that is ingested in the form of a dietary supplement to promote overall health and manage various health conditions. However, the compound has a few side effects, and sometimes it can have life-threatening implications.

For example, if it inhibits blood clotting after an accident, one can suffer severe bleeding. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a medical expert before using the supplement.