How To Remove Skin Tags On Eyelids

The appearance of skin tags on any part of your body can be annoying. When these little growths appear on or around your eyes, you can feel particularly self-conscious.

Fortunately, you can easily get rid of skin tags on the eyelids using readily available over the counter medicines and home-based treatments.

Read on to find out how to remove skin tags on eyelids.

Skin Tag Causes and Risk Factors

Scientists are yet to discover the precise cause of skin tags. Available studies, however, show that several factors could increase an individual’s risk of getting skin tags.

Risk factors include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Hormonal fluctuation
  • Obesity
  • Weight Loss
  • Age
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Steroid Use
  • Genetics

Around the age of 50, 25 percent of people will develop skin tags. Already factoring in the above risk factors, friction caused by skin-against-skin rubbing increases the chances of skin tags in body folds.

Skin Tags vs Warts

Skin tags have a smooth surface whereas warts display more of an irregular texture. While skin tags are not caused by external factors, warts are mostly caused by HPV. If you encounter skin tags around the groin and genital areas, they are likely condyloma or genital warts.

How To Remove Skin Tags on Eyelids

You can use several methods to remove skin tags on eyelids. The methods you use will largely depend on the size and proximity to the eye. The four main methods of skin tag removal include:


Surgery offers rapid results but needs to be done carefully by a qualified dermatologist to avoid excessive bleeding and the risk of infection


This process entails the use of nitrogen to freeze skin tags around the eyelid. Exposure to cold causes the skin tag to die and fall off.


This entails the use of a thin string to tie off a skin tag and prevent blood and oxygen circulation, causing the skin tag to die off.


This process involves the use of a laser device to burn off the skin tags after the affected areas are completely numbed.

Ideally, for skin tags that appear close to the eye, you should see a dermatologist who will use safe surgical methods to eliminate the growth.

For smaller skin tags on the eyelids, you may use effective over the counter medicines and home remedies or even prevent skin tags from appearing in the first place.

We conducted extensive research and identified the best skin tag removal treatments that are gentle and safe enough for use around the eye area.

Here are our top three skin tag removal treatments:

artnaturals Tea Tree Essential Oil (4.0 Fl Oz / 118ml)- 100% Pure Oils Premium Melaleuca Therapeutic Grade Best for Acne, Skin, Hair, Nails, Face and Body Wash Aromatherapy & Diffuser

Tea Tree oil is a potent essential oil extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia.

Tea tree oil helps to dry out the skin over time, causing the skin tag to fall. This essential oil provides a natural remedy for the removal of skin tags.

Although potent, you can apply tea tree oil directly to your eyelid to get rid of the tag.

For best results, combine tea tree oil with less potent base oil. A prolonged application can irritate the skin.


  • Tea tree oil promotes skin health
  • Natural treatment with few safety risks
  • Has a longer shelf life and can be used for several applications


  • Tea tree oil is potent and may irritate the skin
  • Takes several weeks to see results


Natural removal of skin tags around the eyelids using products such as tea tree oil is the preferred treatment. However, you should test your essential oils on less sensitive parts of the body before using the oil to remove skin tags on the eyelids.

Take extra care to ensure any treatments do not harm your eyes further. Apart from surgery, other skin tag removal procedures require time and you should exercise patience for best results.

Always practice good hygiene when removing skin tags from such a sensitive area as the eyelids. This will lower the risk of skin infections.

If skin tags do not disappear after using these treatments, consider consulting a doctor.

Making a few lifestyle changes such as losing weight, eating healthier, and exercising more regularly can help to minimize the risk of skin tags on the eyelids and anywhere on the body.