What is the Best Gripe Water for Babies?

It’s the first, second, or probably the third week after delivery and you expect your baby to feed, sleep, and poop normally. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Your baby can’t stop crying, especially at night, and doesn’t feed well.

You become worried and wonder what is happening. Then it hits you that it might be something to do with the young one’s stomach, so you decide to visit your local pediatrician.

To your surprise, the doctor does nothing but recommends gripe water to cure the baby’s gassy tummy.

Before we even look at the gripe water that you should get for your baby, it’s important to know why your baby feels the way he/she does.

The baby’s digestive system is developing each day, so digestion is not as effective as that of an adult. The sphincter, for instance, is still undeveloped, and does not stop air from getting into the intestine; it does nothing to expel it either.

This translates to uncomfortable gas in the baby’s tummy. To expel the gas and restore order in the baby’s stomach, there is a need for gripe water.

What is Gripe Water for Babies?

For starters, gripe water is a mixture of water, dill seed oil, baking soda, and herbs that is often used by many parents as a remedy for stomach upsets in babies.

The water has natural remedies such as ginger, sodium bicarbonate, chamomile, cinnamon, and fennel that are known to help cure hiccups, teething, and general stomach upset.

There are several gripe water products in the market and it’s imperative that you get the best. To help you, we have researched and come up with 3 products that are readily available on Amazon.

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Considering that the baby’s stomach is easily upset and this can affect the young one’s mood, sleeping patterns, and general wellbeing, it’s advisable to have the best gripe water around.

You can get any of the three products on Amazon and you and your baby will stay happy always.